Who Am I?

The name is Chris Yust and before 2005, I was one of those people who’s side-of-the-page doodles included a house of some sort. Reaching the point of deciding what to do with my life, I chose to make a living out of that… well a living out of planning… not doodling.

So in 2005, I graduated college and began my career as an in-house designer for a timber frame company. Both then and now as an independent designer, I’ve designed homes across the country that realize an owner’s dream. In doing so, I’ve realized mine. That is to help create a well planned home where the resident feels comfortable and is able to enjoy their life.

I still design many timber frame homes as an independent designer but now conventional homes and even alternative construction homes are projects I handle. So whether you want to build a simple 2 x 4 framed house or you have you eyes set on a straw bale / rammed earth house, I can help you make that house a reality.

What Exactly Do I Do?

I communicate in two ways. Either I’m communicating from the client to the contractor or I’m communicating from the contractor to the client. The direction of that communication determines which tools I use. Design software is like my tool box. In that tool box I have different tools that may or may not be necessary for your project.

To that end, I always like to discuss the project before jumping in and drawing a design. After all, you don’t live on paper, you live in an actual structure!

My goal is to design a structure that is well planned, pleasing to the eye, functional, cost effective, and most of all… safe.


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